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Budgets that work

First, take a deep breath and relax. The process of making what seems like an endless list of decisions can be overwhelming. We can help. Our design team can streamline the process into a series of confident successful decisions. The result is a beautiful space that reflects your taste and unique style. So let’s get started!


It is vitally important to decide how much you want to invest in your new space. Establishing a budget will give you a sense of control and help to make decisions based on taste, style and cost.  A beautiful kitchen or bathroom doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive. It is possible to prioritize key elements of a look and redistribute the budget accordingly. For example, creating a beautiful focal point in a kitchen with an elaborate wall of glass front cabinets and a custom hood, while spending less on appliances can produce a very expensive look while staying within your established budget. Another important factor to consider when obtaining design quotes from various companies is the content of the quote. Make sure that you are comparing the same level of quality, detail, installation and qualifications. In other words compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges. Because, all to often those oranges turn into lemons and nobody wants to deal with them apples.

Items to include in your budget:

  • Cabinets: Whether you choose wood, painted, glazed or thermofoil styles, all vary in cost, style and quality. Cabinets have the biggest impact on your new space and typically take up a large portion of your budget, approximately 40% including installation, taxes and delivery.

  • Countertops: There are many beautiful durable and unique choices for countertop materials. Current favorites include granite, quartz, Corithian, marble, soapstone and tile. Each type of material offers pros and cons, ask your designer for details.

  • Appliances: The sky is the limit when it comes to appliances and this is where budget really influences your choice. When making your appliance selections, it is important to remember how you cook and live in your kitchen. Are you a baker in need of a double convection oven? Perhaps an aspiring chef in need of a six-burner restaurant quality range? Maybe you don’t really cook and just want your kitchen to be a beautiful place to enjoy those microwave or frozen dinners? The options are boundless and your designer can help you make the best decision.

  • Lighting: Changing the lighting and focus of lighting in a space can make an unbelievable impact on the overall result. By removing dated dropped fluorescent fixtures and implementing recessed lighting, along with proper task and ambient light sources, a room can be transformed. Ask your designer about lighting options and how it can showcase your new space.

  • Plumbing: This area relates to, and includes, water and gas line removal, relocation, reinstallation and addition. In other words, moving your sink, dishwasher, refrigerator or adding an icemaker. Other examples include, moving or adding a gas cooktop, range or oven.  By simply reorganizing an existing space, a more pleasing and useful layout can be obtained.

  • Electrical: Similar to plumbing, adding and moving electrical outlets, light switches, 220 oven plugs and reorienting new lighting access can create a more functional and useful space. New innovations such as under cabinet plug strips and lighting fixtures compliment a beautiful and streamlined look.

  • Flooring: New flooring can also create an updated open and seamless feel to your new space. Material choices include ceramic and porcelain tile, natural stone, real and manufactured wood, Formica or Pergo type flooring and of course, the once very popular linoleum.  Not all kitchens require new flooring, as long as the original footprint of the kitchen is maintained in the new design. Floor replacement can be unnecessary.

  •  Fixtures and Hardware: These items are the finishing touches and “jewelry” for your new kitchen or bathroom. Choosing coordinating knobs and pulls for your cabinetry can create a lasting impression and reinforce the look and style of your new space. Lighting and plumbing fixtures also create a cohesive feel through their material composition and thoughtful placement. Our designers will help you create the room of your dreams right down to the last details.


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